Behind the Scenes: Printmaking

Committed to our love for all things local and relating to Augusta, we sought another way to share this devotion than just through our shirt designs.
Printmaking has allowed us to give you and yours a piece of Augusta to hang on the walls of your own space. Whether Don’t Dis Gusta hangs in your house or in an apartment, My Posse’s On Broad Street is displayed in your local business, or you send your friend across the pond the Garden City print – the common thread is love for Augusta.

We thought it important to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look on how we make our original linocut prints. We hand-cut each of our lino boards to recreate some of our favorite Land of Thee shirt designs. We find perfection in the imperfection that each print gives. Of course we take great care in being delicate and precise; however, hand-pressing each design makes every print we sell unique. Each print is made with the same love and meticulousness as each of our Land of Thee shirts. Striving to stay true to our core values of always being genuine while showing our local love, our prints are meant to reflect the admiration and mutual love of all things Augusta.

We first start by tracing our favorite design onto a linoleum board. (Lino printing is similar to woodcutting.) Then it’s time to C A R V E – this is the most time consuming part because we want to be as precise as possible.

Finally the fun begins. We mix the paint, cover the roller liberally, and roll the paint onto the board – making sure we’ve covered the entire area. Then we simply press the print onto the paper, making sure to press all over the print – then slowly peeling it off from the bottom. And TA-DA – you have your print!