Broads on Broad

Woman sitting next to computer and wearing Broads on Broad shirt
Who better to pitch an idea for a new Land of Thee t-shirt design than local artist and Downtown Augusta resident, April Henry King?


As an advocate for all things downtown, King happened upon the idea for “Broads on Broad” in an effort to encourage more people to get out and walk the area in order to appreciate it’s beauty and potential for fun. She and husband, Brad, who call a Broad Street loft apartment home, fully embrace the downtown lifestyle where they dine, shop, and support all that Downtown Augusta has to offer. Meet April King, the original Broad on Broad.



What were you like in high school?
“I loved being with my friends at all times… probably an unhealthy amount. I was silly and always laughing. In high school I was everyone’s friend and if I ever needed to… I’d stick up for the under dog.”

Do you collect anything?
“I am a miniature enthusiast I guess you could say. I have a whole shelf dedicated to miniature everything… from teeny, tiny miniature tea sets to cheeseboards.”

What’s your favorite place to see art?
“I love the Westobou Gallery downtown because they curate a very interesting, quality, thought-provoking show. Every. Single. Time.”

Where did the idea “Broads on Broad” come from?
“So I’ve always felt a dedication to my hometown and particularly areas that have stigma attached to them. When I moved downtown, I realized that some people did not walk from place to place. They would re-park and miss out on all the beauty or appreciation they could of taken in just from walking down Broad Street. My husband and I were discussing this one morning and I wanted to help encourage people to get out somehow. After some thought I decided to start a walking club downtown (half kidding/half not). He jokingly says “Oh, a power walking group?” and I sarcastically say ‘Yea! You know with me and my broads.’ We brainstormed for a second, then both laughed and we shouted ‘BROADS ON BROAD’ at the same time. Long story short, I got a group together shortly after and we ended up walking at a regular pace to brunch and drank bottomless mimosas. The group has never met up again… to power walk.”

Woman in ripped jeans standing in front of yellow wall wearing Broads on Broad shirt

Do you have a favorite living artist?
“I admire so many artists. I cannot honestly keep count but I do have to say that I find one of our local artist, Stephanie Forbes, insanely talented.”

Who are your biggest influencers?
“My biggest influencers are not artist per se but anyone that’s really, truly grateful for life and it shows in their actions and energy. Anyone that is a pleasant soul, because that’s what I pull from when I’m working on my art. I’m practicing gratitude in that moment of painting while really appreciating the subject, the colors, etc.”

How do you seek out opportunities?
“I’m not sure that I would say I seek them out but when the right opportunities come my way I always, always, always say yes and show up no matter how much fear or anxiety tries to creep in. I keep an open mind and I believe that kind of energy and mental state can really draw in opportunities organically.”

Know any good jokes?
“I’m the worst joke teller that ever was. Like… you could take a nap during them.”

Two women sitting on a couch and wearing Broads on Broad shirts
Three women sitting in chairs wearing Broads on Broad shirts